Where to invest in real estate in Albania

Investing in real estate is a dilemma that we will always have, so we help you by telling you which cities this type of investment is worth looking at and the current market.

The first step to buy property in Albania is to find the right one for you!

To buy property in Albania, you can find it yourself, by searching the Internet or by contacting directly with the owner of the house you like or the best solution would be to contact a real estate agency


"What will I do when I grow up?" This is the question that accompanies us for a long time before we decide which direction our professional career should start and continue. Most of us have been doing what parents have wanted to become.

Why foreigners should buy property for sale in Albania

Why foreigners should buy property for sale in Albania and why we should welcome them in helping them find the right property We are writing some of the reasons that we think of as key points:

The right flowers you need to keep in any home environment

The flowers and plants at home are very good ambient decorators and a home cleaner.

5 secrets of designing small spaces

We all know it's a real horror to include everything you need in a super-small but not impossible environment.


If you are thinking of finding a safe and fast way to generate more income then investing in real estate is the right choice. Investing in real estate is the best way to improve your financial potential in the long run. Below we want to share with you some of the reasons you should consider and thin

Experts talk: Is parquet in the kitchen and toilet advised?

The decor flooring is warm, but is it convenient in the kitchen and toilet? Moisture, humans, water, and passage of time can harm you. If you are in doubt whether to put the parquet in the kitchen and in the toilet, read our advice.

How to properly place furniture in the bedroom, the most functional and aesthetic systems

The newest mission? Arranging the bedroom. Before we buy furniture unmanaged, it is worthwhile to stop and think about the possibility of the environment to be transformed into a nightclub.

These are the colors that make small spaces look bigger

Choosing the right color to paint the interior of the house becomes even more difficult when dealing with small spaces

How to include marble in the interior

Over the years or seasons, trends and trends change. With our outfits we find it easier, but when dealing with the home environment, it is important to find accessories or colors to resist the time

Five ways to decorate a white wall page

A white wall page is like a white sheet on which we can write from scratch, to start a new beginning, a new story.