5 secrets of designing small spaces


1-Maximize the vertical space of the house. The smaller the space, the higher the things hang on the walls. Whether it's a drawer, artwork or mirrors, the higher hanging parts will visibly increase your space.

2-Keep only the essential things. Initially the decor includes the essential things that are needed and then placed additional items. If they are too much, even though you may have a lot of heart, it is time to remove them.

3-Do not be afraid of decorating the walls. Build furniture and mirrors or even artwork on the walls without being scared. They will give you a stylish look and will save a lot of your space by putting more stuff.

4-Put up closure cabinets and use them to the maximum. Set up a small drawer cabinet that also serves to keep things as small as a desk.

5-Buy large furniture. People living in small homes tend to buy small furniture, making the environment seem ugly and even smaller than it is. Better invest in bigger furniture that deceive the eye and create the idea of a great space.

Here are some secrets and valuable tips on how to maximize space in a small home and look stylish.